Starting the day for bridal prep in Kensington and moving on to the iconic London Oratory for the ceremony was a dream come true for me. The place was as majestic as I imagined!

The journey to the ceremony and then to the reception was brightened by a charming detail that was quintessentially Tally: a pink cab. It was a fun nod to her love of pink, seamlessly woven into the day’s events. The bridesmaids, adorned in tasteful pink dresses, complemented this theme beautifully. This colourful choice added a unique and memorable touch to the celebrations, perfectly reflecting Tally's personality and style.

It was impossible not to be captivated by Tally. In her breathtaking Eponine dress paired with a Kiki McDonough tiara, she was the epitome of elegance and grace.

At Boodles, the scene was set to perfection by Lucy Vail, whose floral designs transformed the venue into something out of a woodland fairy tale. The atmosphere was lively, filled with dancing and laughter that lasted into the night. The energy of London, combined with the love and joy of Tally and Nathan’s celebration, was an incredible experience. Capturing these moments, from the grandeur of the London Oratory to the intimate streets of Mayfair, was a privilege.

For those planning their own unique wedding, Tally and Nathan’s day is a beautiful example of how traditional elegance can meet modern fun. It’s a reminder of the joyous occasions I love to capture, whether in the Cotswolds or the vibrant heart of London.